Cheap CACI and discounts – a bad idea?

Why cheap or discounted Caci is a bad idea and why we consider ourselves to be the best

There are many salons and spa’s in Essex and Hertfordshire offering CACI as a service but unfortunately not all carry out the Caci facial to the standard and criteria that it should be delivered to.
caci discounts cheap Essex Hertfordshire
A Caci facial is an investment on how we look and feel and when you have that financial transaction with the salon/spa you do that on trust, integrity and with the belief that they will be doing the treatment to the highest of standards to get the best results for you, unfortunately that is not the case.

Here are our CACI questions to ask and warning signs to look out for!

  • Ask what type of CACI buds they are using? (some spa’s use cotton buds not Caci buds)
  • Ask how many buds do they use during the treatment? Some use between 2  and 4 – it should be 8-10
  • During your consultation look around the room, are there Caci products in there. All Caci products are designed to compliment the facial and contain essential active ingredient’s like collagen.
  • An original Caci facial should be a 1 hour treatment.
  • During the facial listen for a little “snap” this is when the buds are being changed.
  • When the pads are placed on your face are you left alone in the room?

What we guarantee at Urban Spa

  • We only use Caci products during our treatments to ensure you get maximum results
  • We use a minimum of 8-10 Caci collagen buds during the facial.
  • Our original Caci facial is for the full duration of 1 hour (as long as you are there on time for your treatment)
  • When the pads are placed on your face the Therapist uses the probes to target specific areas of concern (you are never left in a room on your own during the treatment)
  • Only Caci qualified specialists can carry out a Caci treatment in our spa.

This is our minimum standard, we have a duty of care to our guests and we promise to always deliver to the criteria of Caci and to our own ethical standards always with the focus for the best results for you our guests.



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