Culti Milano Geranio Imperiale Perfume


Enjoy the Geranio Imperiale perfume (100ml) with its sweet, fresh and woody aroma. 

Only available to buy in Spa



Geranio Imperiale perfume (100ml) is sweet, fresh and woody. 

Looking out from a terrace and enjoying the superb view when taking a walk on the banks of Lake Como. Admiring the mountains which plunge down into the water, allowing the fresh mountain air to revive the skin, while the sweet scent of geraniums adorning the panoramic location stimulates the senses. 

Geranio Imperiale is a delightful Aquae to be experienced through and through, one which combines sweet floral notes with the vivacity of spices and aromatic woods. 

The floral heart of geranium and rose is enlivened by the spicy notes of pepper and cardamom poised on an aromatic ground of vetiver, cedar wood and musk.