Waxing & Threading in Bishop’s Stortford

essentials 3Waxing is perhaps one of the fastest and safest ways to remove stubborn, unwanted hair. At The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa, Bishop's Stortford, we offer a wide range of waxing services and hair removal options.

All our treatments include  skin brushing to exfoliate and prepare the skin prior to waxing. Best of all, with just one quick waxing treatment at our Bishop's Stortford spa you will delay unwanted hair growth for up to six weeks!

We also offer threading hair removal on the face.  Threading is a process where a cotton thread is used to glide across the skin and grabbing the hair by its roots, leaving a smooth finish.

So, why should you choose waving or threading as your hair removal choice?  Hair removal creams often cause irritation and last for a mere ten to fifteen days, not forgetting that there are also possible health risks associated with them. Shaving often thickens the re-growth of hair and leaves your legs feeling prickly when the regrowth comes through.

With a professional hair removal session at our spa, you will experience smoother, softer skin for a longer period of time.


Strip Wax Hot Wax M S T
Full Leg & Bikini   £45.00 £43.00 £41.00
Full Leg   £31.00 £29.00 £27.00
Half Leg   £28.00 £26.00 £24.00
Half Leg & Bikini   £41.00 £39.00 £37.00
Full Arm   £24.00 £22.00 £20.00
Half Arm   £22.00 £20.00 £18.00
Underarm £20.00 £17.00 £15.00 £13.00
Bikini £26.00 £20.00 £18.00 £18.00
High Bikini / Thong £33.00 £27.00 £25.00 £23.00
Brazilian (Landing Strip) £42.00 £33.00 £31.00 £29.00
Hollywood (Dare to Bare) £47.00 £39.00 £37.00 £35.00
Upper Lip £19.00 £16.00 £14.00 £12.00
Chin £19.00 £16.00 £14.00 £12.00
Lip & Chin £27.00 £25.00 £23.00 £21.00
Eyebrow Shape   £18.00 £16.00 £14.00
Upper Lip £20.00
Chin £20.00
Lip & Chin £30.00
Eyebrow Shape £20.00
Full Face £43.00


Should I Have A Hot Wax Or A Strip Wax?


Traditional Strip Wax is recommended for thicker/less sensitive areas such as legs, arms, back, chest, and shoulders. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin and is then removed using a paper strip.

Hot Wax is spread thickly onto the skin then allowed to dry a little before it is gently peeled away. This method is much less painful than most and pulls hair directly from the roots. It has benefits such as fewer in-grown hairs, less breakage so longer re-growth periods. It also promotes skin hydration and we highly recommended Hot Wax for sensitive areas.

How Long Should Hair Be For Waxing?


The hot wax can grab hair as short as 1mm in length, while strip wax can remove hair as short as 2mm. Everyone has a different growth cycle but generally we are able to wax areas that have been shaved one week earlier. However, for larger parts of the body such as arms/legs, we suggest leaving it three weeks before waxing.

What Is The Difference Between Hollywood And Brazilian?


The Hollywood wax removes all pubic hair. The Brazilian leaves a strip (as wide or thin as you like) at the front.

Is Waxing Safe During Pregnancy?


Our therapists ensure that all parts of the body are waxed comfortably and safely. The Brazilian or Hollywood wax is safe and a very popular treatment one week before the due date.

Which Waxing Products Do You Use?


At Bishop's Stortford's premier spa, we use the best quality products. These usually contain emollients that will not only nourish, but will leave your skin baby soft; and importantly, they won't irritate your skin when applied.

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