Effective Anti-Ageing Treatments

Effective Anti-Ageing Treatments At The Skin Clinic At Urban Spa In Bishop's Stortford

As we grow older, it’s natural that our skin begins to show the effects of time. Many things affect the rate at which we age such as genetics, lifestyle, weight changes and environmental factors.  But if you’d like to turn back time, we might just have found a way! At The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa in Bishop’s Stortford, we offer a range of effective anti-ageing beauty treatments that battle against the signs of ageing such as loose, sagging skin and wrinkles. Now you can look as young as you feel with these amazing anti-ageing treatments at our Hertfordshire beauty salon & spa

The Best Anti-Ageing Beauty Treatments Near Me

Bishop's Stortford



Venus Versa Treatments - Anti-Ageing Treatments That Work

Our Venus Versa treatments use advanced technology to provide effective anti-ageing treatments for the face and body – including skin tightening and fat reduction results. Through this technology, we can target multiple areas simultaneously using Intense Pulse Light, Radio Frequency and Pulse Electro Magnetic Field technology, tailored to your problem areas and concerns.

Some of our top anti-ageing Venus Versa treatments include the Non-Surgical Facelift, which tightens the skin on the face for instant rejuvenation without having to have invasive surgery. Another popular Venus Versa treatment is the Neck Contouring treatment as many people find this a problem area as they get older where the skin begins to sag and they often feel it makes them appear older than they are. Through Venus Versa technology, we can tighten and contour your neck to restore its youthful appearance once more. To find out more about the other Venus Versa anti-ageing treatments we offer, click here.


These treatments are now available to buy online and you are able to pay in instalments! However, it’s important you book a consultation BEFORE purchasing this treatment so that we can discuss the process and assess which treatments are appropriate for your concerns. After this, we offer an option to pay in three instalments via PayPal. You can find out more about this option by clicking on the PayPal BUY NOW button during checkout. 


This cutting-edge technology is the new celebrity secret to clearer skin that has a more youthful appearance. It’s also a quick and easy facial that you could have done during your lunch break! Our LED Light Masks target the face and neck using three wavelengths for ultimate skin rejuvenation. We can tailor the lights to your needs as each wavelength offers different benefits. The red LED light provides anti-ageing benefits, while the blue LED light gives anti-bacterial relief, and the purple LED light helps with anti-inflammatory action.

The LED Light Mask also use galvanic currents to help increase blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This helps to purify the skin and remove waste, as well as stimulating muscle tone. We offer 30-minute stand-alone LED Light Mask treatments for £42 or you can upgrade to combine your treatment with another facial for just £25 more. Make sure to talk to your skin specialist so that we can plan the right combination of treatments for your skin type and issues. To read more about our LED Light Masks, click here.


CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift

As we age, our face naturally begins to lose elasticity and tone which can make us look tired, upset, and older than we actually are. At The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa in Bishop’s Stortford, we offer the best CACI Non-Surgical Facelift to help rectify these problems. This treatment improves muscle tone by delivering microcurrent facial toning to your face. It is also an effective treatment for the body as it can help improve the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars and skin pigmentation.

At our beauty salon, we have a duty of care to our guests and we promise to always deliver to the criteria of CACI and to our own ethical standards to deliver the best results for you.  Read more about the CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift here.

caci non surgical facelift at best beauty salon in hertfordshire

Botox & Fillers

Over the years, botox and fillers have become a popular way to battle against the signs of ageing as they effectively reduce wrinkles and can help re-plump your skin. At The Skin Clinic in Urban Spa at Bishop’s Stortford, we offer a range of anti-ageing injections and fillers such as Dermal Fillers, Skin Boosting Injections and Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

To find out more about these anti-ageing treatments, book in for a consultation so that we can discuss which injections would be suited to your concerns and problems to help you look young once more.

Book An Anti-Ageing Beauty Appointment At The Skin Clinic At Urban Spa

If you feel self-conscious about the signs of ageing, book in for an effective anti-ageing beauty treatment at The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa in Bishop’s Stortford and feel your confidence and youth restored once more. Book your appointment by calling us on 01279 465666/465333 or book online using the pop-up button at the side of the page.

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