Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

The Best UV Skin Protection Products At The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa, Bishop's Stortford

Summer is here and it’s more important than ever to look after our skin and protect it from the sun. The sun may feel amazing on our skin, however, the damage it causes is not only dangerous but damaging also.  Wearing protective skincare that contains SPF for both UVA and UVB rays this summer will maintain your sun-kissed glow, ensure fine lines and wrinkles do not worsen, keep pigmentation at bay and reduce the risk of melanoma developing in the future.

SPF Myth Busters

“My make up contains SPF, that’s all I need!”

Using a foundation containing SPF will of course give you some protection however it is by no means a replacement for your sunscreen.  Skin make up is usually only applied first thing in the morning to your face and you are unlikely to apply the make up to your ears, neck or other sun prone areas so even if your foundation does contain an SPF, be sure to apply another before and keep one in your bag for throughout the day.

“I won’t tan if I wear SPF 50”

This most common misconception with high SPFs (30+) is that it creates a full barrier from the sun meaning your skin will not tan through it.  This is a total myth, by applying a high SPF throughout the day you are keeping your skin moisturised and protected from the harmful rays, reducing the risk of burning and encouraging a healthy glow.

“It’s cloudy so I don’t need SPF”

It is important to protect your skin even if you are not in direct sunlight as 90% of the sun’s rays will still penetrate your skin, even through the clouds, so keep applying your SPF all year round!

Our Favourite SPF Products At Hair by Elements Salon In Bishop's Stortford

Dermalogica Invincible Physical SPF 30

Best for sensitised skin and rosacea. 

Helps to soothe and calm your skin whilst protecting.

dermalogica invisible physical defense spf 30 Dermalogica Clearing Defence SPF 30

Best for teenage and acne-prone skin.

Helps to protect your skin and banish any unwanted shine and excess oil.

dermalogica cleraing defense spf 30

Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF 30

Best for all skin types and ages.

Gives the skin a glowing appearance whilst protecting from rays and pollution.

dermalogica prisma protect

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50

Best for mature skin

Hydrating and moisturising, providing full broad protection.

dermalogic skin recovery

Dermalogica Protection SPF 50

Best for all skin types and ages, suitable for face and body.

Perfect for full body protection for those getting in and out of the water (Don’t forget to reapply!)

dermalogica protection 50 sport

SkinCeuticals Advance Brightening SPF 50

Best for sun-damaged skin

Corrects signs of sun damage alongside encouraging bright, even, and glowing skin.

Skinceuticals advanced brightening UV defense sunscreen

SkinCeuticals Oil Shield UV Defence SPF 50

Best for oily skin

Creates a matt finish whilst delivering a high SPF 50 UV protection.

skinceuticals oil shield uv defense sunscreen

SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial SPF 50

Best for all skin types

Gives full protection and prevents collagen breakdown caused by the sun.

skinceuticals ultra facial UV defense sunscreen

All facials at The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa include a personal skin analysis using our Skin Scanner.  Your skin specialist will look at your skin and see if there is any damage caused by the sun so you can start your journey to brighter, clearer skin.  If you notice any changes in your skin then please consult a medical professional.

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