Hair Colour Explained!

A Guide To Hair Colour At Our Sister Salon Hair By Elements In Herts

Know exactly what to ask for when you next visit our sister hair salon by using our quick and easy guide to hair colour terminology. We know it can be confusing trying to keep up with the latest hairdressing lingo, but we’re here to make your life easier and give you the hair colour that you want.

During a consultation, our expert colourists will ask you questions to find out exactly what you want so if you don’t know the terms then don’t worry as we’re always happy to help and explain anything. Once you’ve decided what hair colour you want and how you want it applied, your skilled colourist will also advise you on the perfect products to use and how to maintain your gorgeous new hair colour.

Whether you’ve been getting your hair coloured for as long as you can remember or you’re brand new to hair colour, brushing up on the latest terminology is always good as it means you can be more specific when asking for what you want. It also helps you to keep up with the latest hair colour trends and means you can try something new if you find something you like the sound of!

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Highlights are used to lighten your hair and are individually painted using bleach or a colour that is lighter than your base hair colour. These individual sections are then wrapped in foil to help the colour to develop.

You can ask for different levels of coverage when it comes to highlights depending on how dramatic you want your lightened hair colour to be. For a full coverage lighter look then ask for a full head of highlights. For colour that covers the top and sides of your hair, ask for a half head of highlights. For something between these options, ask for a three-quarter head of highlights as this covers the top, sides and crown of your hair for a lovely, lightened hair colour.


This is where a lot of the DIY hair colour disasters come into play! Many people think that bleaching your hair once will immediately lift it to a light blonde, which may be the case for lighter hair colour but if you have brunette or darker hair colour then it is likely going to take more than once bleach. Your hair can only take so much bleach, so it’s best to get your hair done by the professionals at Hair By Elements if you want beautiful blonde hair! To achieve the best blonde results our colour experts may also add a toner to remove any brassy tones and reach the blonde shade you desire.

Balayage & Ombré

Similar yet different, the balayage and ombré hair colouring techniques are often confused with each other. While both involve the hair being left darker at the root and made lighter towards the tips, the appearances they create are very different. Ombré hair colour creates an all-over hair colour gradient from dark to light. Balayage is used to create a more natural, sun-kissed look as the highlights are hand painted on where the sun would lift the hair colour. Blonde balayage is a popular choice among our clients, however both balayage and ombré can be done in a variety of colours as long as there is a contrast between dark and light. You can even opt for a fun fashion hair colour such as smoky grey ombré, copper balayage or deep purple ombré – whatever your heart desires!

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

For those of you that aren’t ready to commit to permanent hair colour yet, semi-permanent hair colour is for you! Semi-permanent hair colour lasts up to eight weeks and fades with each wash. If you’re new to hair colour then this is a great way to experiment and see what hair colour looks like on you. This is also a great option if you like to change up your hair a lot, as you can try a new hair colour every eight weeks!

It is worth noting that these colours will show up with more intensity on lighter hair colours than darker hair. Semi-permanent hair colour is also ideal for fashion colours such as pastel hair colours or bright, vivid hair colours. Whatever hair colour you’re hoping to achieve, make sure to speak to one of our expert colourists at Hair By Elements in Bishop’s Stortford so that we can advise you on how to get the hair colour you’ve always wanted.

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