Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

Coping With Hair Loss & Thinning Hair 

Hair loss is a difficult topic for women because many feel like they can’t complain or discuss it, as 'it's just hair'. But hair loss and thinning hair can result in a loss in confidence and self-esteem for many women. 

We understand that hair is more than just a style and when something changes in your hair, it can affect not just how you look but how you feel. 

On average, we lose up to 200 hairs a day but when it feels like more it can be a little scary. According to medical experts, one in four women will experience hair loss or thinning hair in their lifetime for a whole host of reasons:

Hormones / Hormone replacement treatments
Scalp health
Thyroid conditions
A sudden change in health
Lack of vitamins
Change in diet 

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Hair Loss Facts

80-90% of your hair is growing at any one time. The rest is in a resting phase and some of it will shed
Hair has a lifespan of 2-6 years
Hair loss can be inherited in both males and females
Menopause reduces oestrogen in your body, which is important for hair growth
The stress of menopause can cause hair loss.

Please try not to panic about hair loss. We are here to listen, help and encourage your fabulous self to shine!

Using professional, recommended hair products such as Goldwell's Redensifying Shampoo and Serum will help maintain healthy hair and feed your scalp. It is full of the nutrients, protein and keratin to strengthen the new growing hairs.  If you are experiencing sudden hair loss we recommend seeking medical attention.



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