How To Achieve Beautiful Skin From The Inside Out…


Despite it being the largest organ on our body, our skin is often something that gets neglected. As well as caring for you skin on the outside, often you can see big changes in your skins appearance when you start fuelling your skin calls from the inside.

The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa Beauty & Wellness in Bishop’s Storford have listed some top tips to help you get your skin to GLOW – from the inside, out!

1. What you eat…

What we choose to put into our bodies has a big effect on the appearance of our skin. One of the most effective ways to achieve more flawless skin is by eating a variety of ‘superfoods’. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can be found in many superfoods. You can also get a good amount of Vitamin C in foods like Blueberries, Papaya, Strawberries and even Sweet Potatoes, all of which are easy to incorporate into any diet.

2. Water…

The amount of water you drink daily makes a massive difference to the condition of your skin. It is recommended that women drink 9 cups of water a day-this equals to around 2 litres. It seems like a lot but there’s lots of things you can do to help increase your daily water intake, we recommend always keeping a water bottle with you and take regular sips to keep your body and skin continually hydrated. If you find water boring, you could try freezing some berries of lemon wedges in ice cube trays for some added flavour.

3. What you put on your face…

Only the very best products revitalise your skin from the inside out, so it is worth investing in skincare products that have the power to penetrate the skin and get to work on the lower layers of the skin. Masks are great products for the skin because they have the power to penetrate deep within the skin to draw out excess oils and boost moisture. There are masks available for all different skin types and conditions and at the Skin Clinic at Urban Spa Beauty & Wellness, Bishops Stortford we can analyse your skin to match you up with a mask that will be the most effective for you skin.

4. Listen to the professionals…

Now you know how to take care of your skin from the inside here are some top pro tips from our professionals at the Skin Clinic at Urban Spa Beauty & Wellness


I always advise my clients to layer their serums and essence from the thinnest to thickest, this helps the skin to absorb each layer most effectively. I would recommend try Comfort Zone’s Sublime Skin Essence to boost your skin care routine and to see better results from your products


Removing your make-up as soon as you get home instead of waiting until bedtime will give your skin the extra time it needs to breathe, if your short of time ESPA’s Micellar water is great because its removes make-up, cleanse’s and tone’s all in one product.


Don’t over wash your skin, when you over wash your skin it and look dry and ages as your stripping it of its natural ingredients, if you feel like this is happening to your skin revert to gentle cleansing daily and moisturising often.


Avoid pre-mature skin aging by wearing an SPF DAILY! By choosing a primer or moisturiser that contains at least an SPF15 you can ensure that your skin is protected from UVA and UVB rays every day.


Have a facial once every month as nothing you do at home can replace a professional exfoliation, extraction and attention.

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