How To Get Great Skin

The Best Skin Treatments For All Ages At Bishop's Stortford's Top Beauty Clinic

Having great skin means different things to different people. For some it may mean reducing the appearance of acne or acne scarring, for others it could simply be regaining that youthful radiance that had disappeared with age.

Whatever your skin needs, rest assured we offer a fantastic range of specialist skin treatments and anti-ageing services at our Bishop’s Stortford Skin Clinic and Spa.  Our team of skin specialists are highly trained and we use the most advanced professional skincare brands and techniques - all guaranteed to revitalise your skin, body and mind.

The primary difference between youthful and maturing skin lies less in the appearance and more in the texture and feel of the skin. Youthful skin is supple and bounces back, while more mature skin is less resilient and loses elasticity over time.  Our face firming treatments will help enhance collagen production to lift, smooth and firm the skin’s texture, lending it a new lease of clarity, suppleness and youthful resilience.

Read on to find out more about our most popular skin treatments but please make sure you book in for a detailed skin consultation so we can better assess your needs and recommend the right treatments for your needs.

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Venus Versa Facials In Hertfordshire

Venus Versa uses the most advanced technology to deliver excellent anti-ageing, skin tightening, and fat reduction results. These treatments can target individual or multiple concerns simultaneously using:  

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to improve the appearance of skin pigmentation, also known as brown spots, sun spots or age spots.  IPL is also used for hair removal.

NanoFractional Radio Frequency to correct signs of skin damage. This includes improving the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles and uneven skin texture and pigmentation. 

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulse Electro Magnetic Field technology to tighten the skin, contour the body and reduce cellulite.  This technology heats the deeper layer of tissue under the skin, boosting collagen production which leads to smoother and firmer skin. 

Some of our Venus Versa treatments are available to buy online here (although you must book a consultation before you make your purchase).  If there is a different body area you would like to target, please call our skin specialists on 01279 465666/465333 or email It is also worth noting that we offer the option to pay in three instalments via PayPal. 

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Visible Difference Facial - Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Facial & Firming Mask

Reverse the signs of ageing with a Visible Difference Facial which consists of 20 minutes Crystal Clear microdermabrasion to exfoliate and resurface the skin, then 20 minutes Crystal Clear oxygen therapy to plump our fine lines and wrinkles, followed by a firming mask to smooth, firm and revitalise the skin.  These 3 steps will help you on your journey towards luminous, glowing, fresh, more youthful-looking skin. A treatment that is instant and continues to show amazing results. This treatment lasts 60 minutes and costs £85.

Microdermabrasion Treatments Near Me

LED Light Masks

Our LED Mask facials are ideal for those looking for an improvement in their skin.  Using three different lights, we can tailor the results of the skin rejuvenating LED Mask facial to your individual needs with the red LED light giving anti-ageing benefits, the blue LED light providing anti-bacterial relief and the purple LED light helping with its anti-inflammatory action. The currents used in the LED Mask facial help to purify the skin, remove waste and stimulates muscle tone.  

We offer 20-minute stand-alone treatments using the LED Masks, so you can treat yourself to fantastic festive skin in your lunchtime! You can even combine your treatment with another facial for just £25 extra. Talk to your Skin Clinic specialist about the right combination of treatments for your skin type and concern.


Acne Treatments At The Skin Clinic At Urban Spa In Bishop's Stortford

The number of people who suffer from adult acne is more common than you think. Acne can affect all ages from teenagers to adults. SkinCeutical Facials can work wonders on acne-prone or acne-scarred skin. The Expert Calm Down Facial lasts 60 mins (including consultation) and costs £85.  It is maximised with soothing, moisture active ingredient’s to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness and heat sensation. The skin will feel balanced and the barrier is strengthened to prevent future irritations.

The Expert Detox Purifying Facial (last 60 mins including consultation| £85) is ideal for problematic skin, break-outs and acne-prone skin.  This facial is maximised with pure, potent, active ingredients to correct blemishes and soothe inflammation. It will rebalance irritated skin and prevent further damage associated with break-outs.

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