May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Products To Help Prevent Skin Cancer

The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa Beauty in Hertfordshire

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At The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa Beauty in Bishop's Stortford, we would like to raise awareness about skin cancer and what you can do to help prevent it. Skin cancer cases are increasing more rapidly than any other cancer, and skin cancer is now one of the most common cancers in 15-34 year olds.

It only takes one case of serious sun burn as a child or teenager to more than double the risk of getting melanoma. Melanoma is the most deadly form of cancer. Thankfully, 80% of all skin cancers are preventable if you take the right precautions. Preventing sun damage is the best way you can help prevent yourself from getting skin cancer. 

Checking Your Skin For Skin Cancer

The early detection of skin cancer helps increase the likelihood of successful treatment. Be aware of your body and check your skin for any abnormalities such as new moles, existing moles that have changed in size, shape or colour, and any unusual spots.

If you have noticed anything that you are worried about, please talk to your GP. Alternatively, book an appointment with our skin cancer experts at The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa in Hertfordshire.

Many of our professional skin therapists have completed MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) accreditation course through SKCIN Charity. These courses are designed to train professionals on how to spot the early signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

Wear SPF To Prevent Skin Cancer

Whenever you wear sunscreen, just think that you may be saving your life. Each time you wear sunscreen, you are significantly reducing the risk of developing skin cancer. The main cause of skin cancer is too much exposure to UV radiation from the sun. SPF creates a barrier between your skin and the sun's harmful UV rays - including UVA and UVB radiation which cause DNA damage and can lead to the development of cancerous cells.

Always remember to wear sunscreen as this significantly lowers your risk of skin damage and sunburn which can lead to skin cancer.

The Best Sunscreen For Your Skin

Our professional skin therapists are experts in skincare and sunscreen. We have the knowledge to recommend the right sunscreen for you. The SPF we recommend is as follows:

SkinCeuticals Ultra-Facial SPF50

SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening SPF50

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 

Dermalogica Clearing Defense SPF30 (for teenage skin)

Dermalogical Protection 50 sport (for the full body)

All of these products are available in our skin clinic and spa. If you're not sure which sunscreen you should get, please ask a member of our friendly team.

Skincare Experts at The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa in Bishop's Stortford

If you are concerned that you may have skin cancer, please make an appointment with one of our skincare experts at The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa in Hertfordshire. To book your appointment, please call us on 01279 465666 or book online.

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